Saturday, August 1, 2009

Putting Things Off and Getting Others Done

I know - I need to put up pictures of heathen number 1. But I have entirely too many things to get done! I have to finish inventorying the used uniforms for the PTA, I need to do some office work for one of my employers. I have to actually show up at work for my other employer, and I have to clean my house! And feed my kids - they' are AWLAYS wanting to be fed........

Anyway, there are more things to do as well. I have found myself double-booking my time, and that's got to stop! I realized the other day that I had scheduled a pre-admission advisement appointment to college the same day and time as a doctor's appointment for Heathen number 1. Gonna have to re-schedule one of them.

What's this ab out pre-admissions, you ask? Well, because my life isn't busy enough, I need to raise the level of difficulty. I have decided to attempt to go back to school! This is long over-due to be honest. I had gone straight to college when CyberChaun and I married, and I took a couple-semester break when pregnant with Heathen number 1. Went back and stayed until pregnant with Heathen number 2. Then I just sort of gave up. The kids and the CyberChaun needed me at home. But now the kids are much older, and I think that I should finish. 1) because I'm paying for these student loans, so I should have SOMETHING to show for them! and 2) because I have been reminded lately that I have gifts and talents and need to be using them more. So, I called the University and put things into motion. I have requested my transcripts from my last University, they should be faxed to me in the next week. I have scheduled the pre-admit advisory meeting so they can tell me the gory details of what credits will and will not transfer. So, after that - depending on how much I have left and how much it will cost and what financial aid options are open to me......I may be a student again soon!

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Rebekah said...

Hey Tarra! Thanks for commenting!! I'll have to follow you now! I didn't really blog (for like a week and a half last summer...then I gave up). But I picked it back up recently.

I think it's funny that Victoria is Heathen #1 :) You've done a great job raising your kids and juggling all that you have. Best of luck in the going back to school thing. I truly admire non-traditional students. They have...what's the That I most definitely don't have :)

See you later!